From the recording The Dodge Store EP


I would love it if you fucked and then stole my favorite shirt
Left my feelings hurt, completely sucked me dry
I would love it if you hate me and you kill my self esteem
I’d wake up in a dream, but I would never wonder why

I would hate if you liked me and you were always around
I’d be annoyed at every sound that you would make
I’d hate it if I left you just cause I was feeling bored
And on your message board you’d tell your frineds about the break

Your friends about the break, your friends about the break
And I’m about to break free

I would love it if you call me when you’re feeling bored and drunk
Leave me feeling like a punk wihtout a scene
I would love it if you ditch me and call me a shitty lay
And all the nice things that I say would make you mean

I would hate it if you love me and you slept inside my bed,
Cause I can love you in my head, but it feels fake
I would hate the things you needed and make you insecure
You’d go running out my door to tell your friends about the break