Monkey House Studio

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    Monkey House Studios was first conceived and built in 2006 to record and release my own music.  However, realizing that I was getting better results than many studios in my area, I decided to open Monkey House to the public at an alarmingly cheap rate ($40!) 
    We're a digital studio running mainly Ableton Live.   We specialize in full band arrangements for solo singer songwriters and hip hop artists and we have a large collection of high quality instruments on site. 
    We offer a relaxed atmosphere and are appreciators of the greener aspects of life.  
    Monkey House Studio:  "There's No Business Like Monkey Business!"

"Our recording experience with Stick was not only fast and affordable, but we had a fun time, too. The final tracks sounded amazing and we couldn't be happier!"

- David the Day of The Best Day Ever

"Stick actually listens to the artists ideas and turns them into reality in the studio.

In my experience, Monkey House has exceeded my expectations."

- David Cowan

"I've worked in many studios, but working with Stick was a fantastic experience. His attention and focus toward the project I worked on was incredible. He has excellent skills as an engineer and his creative mixing talent is unparalleled.

It was also fun as well as organized.  I'm looking forward to recording with him again real soon."

- Ace Williams

"It's a comfortable environment that allows for creativity to flow freely" 

- Ryan Daniel of Among the Thirsty

Before choosing where to record our band, PTTR, we had a lot to consider - as anybody, or any band does: How much we wanted to spend, the overall sound, how many tracks we wanted. 

Monkey House studio had a friendly welcome, great value for money, amazing experience once again. Would recommend to anyone wanting to start their musical career off, Stick is truly professional and offers a wonderful affordable service.

- Eric Best (PTTR, Rude Squad, Eric Best Music)

"Monkey House Studios may not have your dream/palatial aesthetic, but for a budget studio, outputs a quality that’s on par with most national, major-label releases. Stick Martin is not only savvy engineer—he’s a phenomenal producer! 
Having countless records under his belt, Stick really looks out for his clients’ best interests, tailoring the project to meet the artist’s expectations and not stepping on the creator’s vision.
I had a great experience working with Stick Martin and look forward to doing so again on future albums."

- Jon Ditty

"Working at Monkey House on our tracks was an amazing experience. Their professionalism, efficiency and comprehensive knowledge of sound recording techniques got us a product we were ecstatic with.

Would I recommend working there? A hundred times over. In fact, I wouldn't work anywhere else!"

- Stuart Best of The Best Day Ever