Women, cigarettes and booze
Without them I’d be singing blues
I feel all right when I’m out at night
Dancing in my blue sued shoes
With women cigarettes and booze

Hit the bar when I got some bread
I’m buying drinks to fix my head
Packs of reds, girl in my bed
Brother I cant lose
With women cigarettes and booze

‘Till I meet that Queen of Hearts
Who can trump me at a club
Ill be smokin', drinkin', flirtin', winkin'
At the girls down at the pub

Oh the church might call me a sinner
The reverend's daughter's coming over for dinner
Is it heaven or hell, well I cant tell
So please don’t make me choose

Give me women cigarettes and booze, (say it again)
Women cigarettes and booze (one more time)
Women cigarettes and booze