Oh to be an aging hipster,
To be a ghost out on the street
Without a home or a girl to call my own
But I have yet to admit defeat

Here I stand once again on my own
My back to the sunset my mind in the zone
I never believed that clothes make the man
I took the game and ran I did the best I can
Two birds in the bush is worth a baby in your belly
Now, you tell me that that shit ain’t cool
Describe myself as an organized mess
I ain’t gay but I can’t think straight when you’re wearing that dress
I Got sex on the brain like my name was Sigmund Frued
I’m a stoner and a loner and I’m self employed
Sometimes I feel like my world’s standing still and yours just keeps spinnin’
The way you’re grinnin’ make me think your up to something,
My heart’s pumpin’, there’s a lump in my throat
Some people wear a mask you got a snow suit and an over coat
Made me fall and love and write you a song
You made a monkey out of old King Kong

My mind just snapped and I figured out the deal
It’s not that I’m crazy it’s that none of this is real
Your all just fucking figments of my imagination
To keep me entertained to feed me information
I think I might just go and join a cult
Give ‘em all my stuff and money and say it’s all your fault
Cause the fault lines in my mind are startin’ to quake
I’m nervous in the morning so I’m yearning to wake and bake
Too damn clever for the 9 to 5
I need a challenge like singing songs to pay bills and stay alive
Dated a little hippy but I sent her on her way
I already sent her like four text messages today
I still thing about every girl that broke my heart
And if you hear this song I think you know who you are
I love you all but there’s something you ain’t seeing
Making mistakes makes you a perfect human being

I had to make sure an ending was an ending
before I let a new thing begin
2 peas in a pod make me say oh my gawd
baby baby let let me in
Two weeks ago I got speeding ticket
which was weird ‘cause I was feeling so slow
You would find you was blowing my mind,
Stuck in one place but always on the go