Mix tapes and madness, lonliness and sadness
If you never had this then you won’t know where I’m coming from
When I was young they told me I was gifted
I met a girl, it’s like a weight has been lifted
Tune up my guitar and play a little tune
And sing I love you like the sun loves the moon
When I see some people I always feel like yelling out
What you been calling growing up, I been calling selling out.
Whatchoo telling me, selling me and buying me
I won a spelling bee and dropped out of society
Singing for my supper while I slave away the days
Saving all my money for a midnight haze
To all the kids, who hear the words I speak
Huh, fuck your family if they think you’re a freak, your unique
Fuck the fashions and fuck the trends
Fuck facism fuck your bullshit friends
Know who loves you and hold ‘em close
Do a little drugs but try not to overdose
Quit your job if they make you get piss tested
Smile in you mug shot if you ever get arrested
Pedal to the metal, now I’m rocking full throttle
You can’t find got at the bottom of the bottle
And if I end up homeless holding signs out on the highway
I’ll still have no regrets cause I know I did it my way
I rock the party and I just don’t stop
And when life gives me lemons I throw ‘em at a cop
So get up a get get get wise
9/11 is a lie in my eyes

So get up a get get get wise
9/11 is a lie in my eyes
Shadow governments and shadowy men
Spitting out lies on the CNN
I got some lyrical miracles transmitting out to outer space
Beam ‘em back to try to clarify the human race
Hear ye’ hear ye, all the people need to hear me
I’m number on with a magic fucking bullet theory