1. 11 Marvin Gaye


People looking at me funny everytime I’m getting wicked
‘Cause I don’t dress like a wigger ya’ll figure I can’t kicked
But I’m the one you never forget
BASS! How high can I get
Yo, I’m rockin’ like Spock into outer space
A gloc a don’t got one but I got shotgun with no chase
Now I slide and slip with the rhymes I rip
Shit up I got the kunfu grip kid
So Danny D where the fuck we at
We used to sell pot, got skanks made bank and lived phat
So what’s up to all my homies and my hicks
Big treats got the beats and Stick’s got the tricks
One little two little three little Indians
Four little five little six Puerto Ricans
Seven little eight little nine shady brothers
A white boy in the Bronx

Sometimes I feel like I can sing like Marvin Gaye
Sometimes I feel I could get down
just like James Brown (CWU)
Sometimes I can not find the right words to say
Sometimes I feel like I can sing like Marvin Gaye

Jack Kerouac, Flashback, rock the half-stack
Goddamn, it’s a brandnew pay back
Back with the groove so smooth that I move in bulk
I’m unforgettable like the Incredible Hulk
I got a jelly roll belly, yeah, I’m getting kind of phat,
But I’m still swingin’ shit like a baseball bat
Right on, and I’m gone with astonishing speed
All I need is a bong and a bag of weed
Rolled up bills and crushed up pills
Adirol, Serzone, Xanyx, cheap thrills
Ritalin, Vicodin, Heroin, Acid
Got plastered some many times my mind’s blasted
But here I go again snorting blow again
Somebody got me all fucked up after the show again
I sit and wonder how my body can take this
I drop more shit than a one armed waitress