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Origin Story

 Stick Martin was raised in the backwoods of Pennsylvania.    At a young age, Stick toured the country with his parents who worked as food vendors on the carnival circuit.   At some point Stick fiddled around with drum machines and acoustic guitars.   

   At 15 he started recording songs he wrote onto an old tape recorder and started hunting down places to play his music live.  This brought him to Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Cleveland and eventually Florida, where he found his (semi) permanent home in St. Petersburg.  

   Stick attended Kutztown University with an intended major in music composition, but dropped out after one and one half semesters.   Stick uses looper pedals and drum machines, guitars and keyboards and all kinds of shit so he can sound like a full band even while playing solo. Stick looks forward to the day when he is old enough to not look foolish smoking a corn cob tobacco pipe.   Stick was uncomfortable writing this in the 3rd person.  

Career Highlights

1988: Messes with drum machines, keyboards and a snare drum.  

1993: Picks up an acoustic guitar, smokes pot, decides this is a better way to spend his time than sitting on the bench at football practice.

1997: Takes 2nd place in a singing contest at Lollapallooza in Philadelphia

1998: Attends Kutztown University for music composition but drops out after just a few months.

1999: Signs with New York City Label, Crafty Records releases first full length LP, "Officer Murphy."  A mix of hip hop, country and college radio rock.

2000: Moves to the Bronx to play shows in NYC (CBGB’s, Kenny’s Castaways, Sidewalk Cafe) and to court a larger label.

2001: Appears on BET’s 106 and Park and in SEVENTEEN Magazine, gains major label attention and moves to Brooklyn.

2003: Major labels pass on deals one by one.   A dejected Stick Martin retreats to his dad’s couch in Tampa.

2004: Meets Eric Harlow and forms the Stick Martin Show. With various drummers, the two play literally thousands of shows in the Tampa Bay area. Also embarks on THE ACOUSTIC INVASION TOUR across two thirds of The United States

2006: Releases 2nd full length LP, "Black Samurai".  An album that explores the themes of sex and religion as well as sex as religion.   Builds Monkey House Studios to produce his own albums as well as those of his friends.

2007: Releases the video “White Trash Honolulu" (the first single to their upcoming album) in conjunction with Double Bird Films to much critical acclaim.

2008: Release his third album, the hip hop flavored "Thrilla" and renew their contract with Crafty Records for 2 more albums.  Produces "The Closer to the End EP" a five song project by Alexis A Moore that focused heavily on groove and troubled relationships.  

2009: Embarks on a 3 week tour of the east coast of the US playing dates everywhere from North Florida to NYC to Ashville to Connecticut. Releases first live album entitled, Ball Sweat and Tears recorded on the previous tour.   Produces the full length album "Deja Vu in Slow Motion" a psychedelic country record  by Adam Z.  Also produces the first 3 song demo by Paint the Town Red.

2010: Wins Best Singer/Songwriter in Tampa Entertainment Magazine Creative Loafing's "Best of the Bay Reader's Poll."  Produces a schmaltzy album of pop covers by Ron and the Classics.  

2011: Named Best Local Hip Hop Act 5 years straight (2007-2011)  as well as Best Local Front Man (2011) in Tampa Entertainment Magazine Creative Loafing’s “Best of the Bay Reader's Poll,”  Produces "Fall Hard, Bounce High" a full length album by David Cowan.

2012: Releases The Dodge Store EP, a dark and funky record about addiction, rejection and diseased minds to mixed reviews from fans and friends.

2014: After 12 long years Stick and Harlow split up and head in different musical directions.  Hires a new rhythm section comprised of Eric Grabriel on drums and Detroit Dan Einhueser on the bass.

2015: Produces the self titled full length album by Trigger City Trio, a funky and soulful affair from 3 St. Pete natives.  Also produces the full length album by Jon Ditty,  "Hopefully More than a Blanket of "I" Statements."  An album so deep and experimental, its like the Sgt. Peppers of west coast Florida hip hop.