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3 Hours Down the Road
67 Things
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Against A Shade of Black
Apple Grove
Apple Pies
Arty's Theme
At My Funeral
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Back to the Shack
Big Treats
Black Samurai
Broken Heart and Some Break Beats, A
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Chicken Soup
Congregation of Church and State

Corn Maze
Cream Pie Cherry Dream
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Dance of Death
Darlin', I'm Coming Home to You
Dead Horse
Disco Jesus
Don't Be A Dick
Don't Get Caught
Dorian Grey
Drugs, Money and Bitches
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Enjoy Your New Bullshit Band
The Extinction of the Dinosaur
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Fat Back
Fat Girls Gone Wild
Fox News Blues
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Gargamel's Fury
Going to Chicago
Good Times
Got Myself a Drum
Gotta Get It On You Tube
Green Elephants
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Half As Bad
Half Ounce of Booty
Happy Father's Day
A Hazy Dream on a Lazy Day
Hicdale, Pennsyltucky
The Hitchhiker
Hobo Joe
How Beautiful You Are to Me
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I Can't Complain
I Think It's Time You Knew the Truth My Friend
In Times Like These
Intercourse PA
Its the Snakes
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Jupiter 22
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Keeper of the Gate
Kill the Neighbors/ Mow the Lawn
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Last Summer
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Made 4 TV Movie
The Man with No Soul
Mannana, Tomorrow
Marvin Gaye
The Midnight Oil
Mind Movin'
Mix Tapes and Madness
Multicolored Crowds
My Brain's on Vacation
My Name is Life
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Nervous Energy

New York 2 NASCAR
The Next Big Thing
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Officer Murphy
Oh, To Be an Aging HIpster
One Ton Gun
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Paint the T.V. Black
Painting Poetry
People of Honesdale
Pink Watermelon
Point of View
Pride of the White Man
Prince Charming
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The Queen is Dead
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Rise and Shine
The Roulette Blues
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She Won't Come Clean
Sigmund (The Communication of Truth Through Fruedian Slips)
Slaughter House Jive
Somewhere Along the Way
Song Number Three
State of Mind
Stella Killed Stanley
Stickman Have Feelings Too
Stop, Drop and Roll
Strung Out on Living
Sugar Water
Sunday Best
Sweet Thang
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Take it from Me
Take Me to Your Leader
Take the Space Train
The Tale of Captain McNail
Tell Your Friends
Things Change
This Goes Out
Time Keeps Flying By
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The Voice of God
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Wake Me Up When You Get Home
The Way That It Shall Be
We Are the Dead
Week and a Day
Welcome to City Island (motherfucker)
White Trash Honolulu
Women, Cigarettes and Booze
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You Don't Have to Be Afraid
Your Little Town
Your's and Mine
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