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HIstory of Stick Martin Show

    Stick Martin was an introverted middle child who may not received enough attention while growing up in Pennsylvania. He began writing rap songs and messing around with drum machines at age 9. At 15, he began playing guitar and attempting to sing songs in tune. At 20, he started getting good at it. In 2000 Stick dropped out of college, got signed to Crafty Records and moved to New York City. A few months later, he released his first album entitled, Officer Murphy.
    This album contained elements of hip hop, country and jam rock. It was a good first effort, even if somewhat uneven in its flow.
While in NYC, Stick played to small crowds in Manhattan and Brooklyn music venues. He supported himself by singing songs and playing guitar on the subway. After a few years in the big city and being rejected by major labels and a girl he was in love with, Stick said, "Fuck New York" and moved to Florida to crash on his dad's couch.
    A few months into his exile in Florida, Stick met Harlow, a song writer and bassist. Harlow had been spending his time playing in various local bands and recording music in his spare bed room. They formed the Stick Martin Show in late 2003.
    In 2004, Stick embarked on his first national tour with Crafty Records label mate, Brook Pridemore. Stick and Brook went up and down the east coast and deep into the midwest on what was titled the Acoustic Invasion tour. They played to small crowds mostly, but found out what it was like to live in a van and travel the country.
    In 2006, Stick Martin Show released their second full length album, Black Samurai. Black Samurai was harder hitting and funkier than Officer Murphy. It ends with the epic “The Tale of Captain McNail” the band’s first masterpiece. In 2008, the band released Thrilla. This album focused heavily on the band’s hip hop side. It had very little rock and even less country. It is their best sellling album to date.
    Thrilla was supported by an east coast tour. Stick and Harlow hit the road with a guest drummer and a van full of cd’s and t shirts. A show in Savannah GA was recorded and released as the band’s first and only live album, entitled “Ball Sweat and Tears.”
    Stick and Harlow played with various drummers over the years until finally hooking up with their current drummer, Gerald Pilkey in 2009. Gerald provided the hard rocking, punk edge and the swinging funk the band had been looking for.
    The band recently bought the rights to their first four albums, and have made them all available for free on their website. You can find them at: MUSIC
    In the last weeks of 2012 Stick and the boys release The Dodge Store EP, a dark and twisted recording.  It deals with rejection, addiction, heart break and diseases of the mind.  What does the future hold for these three hoodlums?  Well, they plan on recording a blues record and a punk record that may or may not ever actually come out.

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